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The First-Ever JIS Educational Expo is being Hosted by JIS Group in 2024

News Desk, News Nation 360 : JIS Group held the inaugural JIS Educational Expo 2024 at Rotary Sadan in Kolkata. This event featured the wide range of academic programmes that JIS Group offers at the undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, and diploma levels. A comprehensive understanding of the newest developments in education and learning was provided to attendees by the expo's assortment of sessions, workshops, and exhibitions. Prominent individuals who graced the occasion included Prof. Ramanuj Ganguly, President of the WBBSE; Prof. (Dr.) Malayendu Saha, Chairman of the WBBSE; actor Abir Chatterjee; Sardar Taranjit Singh, Managing Director of the JIS Group; and Director of the JIS Group, Sardar Simarpreet Singh. Their presence significantly elevated the occasion and provided attendees with insightful perspectives on current trends in education. The JIS Educational Expo 2024 provided attendees with an exceptional opportunity to examine a broad range of academic programmes offered by JIS Group at the undergraduate, graduate, certificate, and doctorate levels. Professional counsellors were available to offer tailored advice, assisting students in selecting career pathways that complement their goals and assets. JIS Group, one of the top educational organisations in West Bengal, ensured participants had access to thorough information and encouragement, enabling them to take assured actions to secure their future. The 10th and 12th board toppers from nearly 35 different institutions were honoured during the event. Speaking on this occasion, Sardar Simarpreet Singh, Director of JIS Group, stated that since education is the foundation of progress, JIS Group is committed to giving their students the tools and direction they need to realise their goals. For them, the JIS Educational Expo 2024 marks an important turning point.

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