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The Focus of Braja Gopika Seva Mission is on Children's Mental Development

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Meditation is a distinct Sadhana stream that facilitates the path to God. Those who look to spirituality for the joy and devotion of life should use this straightforward method in Swami Jugalsaran's opinion. He is currently teaching people in Kolkata and other West Bengali cities how to make the transition to a happy life. Braja Gopika Seva Mission founded it. Here, social education, psycho-development, and career opportunity courses are offered. As a

result, at least 4,000 people nationwide have developed the mental fortitude necessary to get over their fear of Corona during the Corona period. Swami Jugalsaran Ji, a former scientist who left his job for spirituality, dedicates himself to serving others and promoting child welfare. Born into a Vaishnava lineage, he emphasizes practical spirituality applicable to daily life and household living. His organization uses a two-step educational approach: Balsanskar camps for young children to develop a strong foundation, and Yuva Utthan camps to guide teenagers through challenges. Inspired by the mantra "Tamso Maa Jyotirgamay" (Lead me from darkness to light), Swamiji's mission began in West Bengal and has grown to include 23 institutions in the state and 65 across India. Through Jeevandarshan education, they demonstrate how spirituality can enhance daily life and balance between spiritual and worldly pursuits. To maintain this growth, a new institution called Sadhana Bhavan was established in 2024 with plans for a future Bhakti Research Center.

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