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The Governor Praised a Portrait by a Bengali Painter at Mumbai's Jahangir Art Gallery

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The Jahangir Art Gallery in Mumbai is home to two of the best photographs taken by renowned Bengali photographer Anupam Halder. These eight galleries will be on display until March 4 in front of people from all over the world. Governor of Maharashtra, Ramesh Vaishya, gave the 132nd All India Annual Art Exhibition its opening. He was accompanied by the well-known artist Padmashri Manoj Yashi from the Hindi entertainment industry. Anupam Halder, an artist, is overjoyed that artists from across the nation are showcasing his two best films.

Soon, he hopes to see the movie screened in additional states. To spread this art throughout the world, all contemporary painters ought to step forward. Bombay Art Society officials were captivated by Anupam's "Stone Art" and "Ray of Hope". A Joint Commissioner of the West Bengal government's Finance Department, Panchali Munshi was taken aback when she saw Anupam's photos in the Mumbai photography exhibition. Ramesh Vaishya, the governor of Maharashtra, highlighted the significance of Anupam's images "Stone Art" and "Ray of Hope".

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