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The Infosys Science Foundation has Announced the Infosys Prize's New Direction

News Desk, News Nation 360 : To reward potential and acknowledge the promise of future achievement, the Infosys Science Foundation (ISF) today announced that it is changing the Infosys Prize from a mid-career prize to an early-career prize. To facilitate a transformative impact, the upper age limit for prize winners is being revised to 40 years. In general, the categories recognised by the Infosys Prize would remain unchanged. But the Infosys Prize will now have a separate category for economics. It was previously given out in the Social Sciences category. The Infosys Prize will be given in six categories starting in 2024: economics, engineering and computer science, humanities and social sciences, life sciences, mathematics, and physical sciences. The Infosys Prize's primary goal remains to identify the best research that advances humankind and serves as an inspiration to future generations of Indian scientists and academics. The ISF now mandates that all winners who are based outside of India at the time of winning the prize spend time at Indian institutes of their choosing to further its goal of fostering collaboration and access. Winners who do not currently reside in India will be required to spend 30 days (during a maximum of two trips) at an Indian host institute to establish connections and initiate discussions with local research groups. The Science Foundation is hopeful that these initial partnerships will develop into long-term, mutually beneficial alliances. Infosys Science Foundation is shifting the Infosys Prize from recognizing established researchers to focus on young academics. The goal is to inspire a new generation of scientists by awarding researchers under 40 years old. This change aims to give young researchers more time to develop their ideas and potentially lead to breakthroughs that benefit society. The Infosys Science Foundation believes this will spark innovation and empower young minds to shape a better future.

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