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The New Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of SBI General Insurance is Naveen Chandra Jha

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The appointment of Naveen Chandra Jha as its new Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer has been announced by SBI General Insurance Company Ltd. State Bank of India, the parent company, put him forward for the job. He is Poludasu Kishore Kumar's successor. With more than thirty years of experience, Naveen Chandra Jha brings a wealth of knowledge to the banking sector. He has held several significant functional and operational positions throughout his career, including HR & Administration, Retail Banking, Branch Management, and Credit and Risk Management with an emphasis on SME Credit. He has demonstrated excellence in several key positions, including General Manager of Network, Chief General Manager of the Circle, Deputy General Manager (CDS), and Regional Manager. Naveen Chandra Jha is poised to use his extensive experience and business acumen at SBI General Insurance to propel the organisation towards even greater success. His focus on operations, budgeting, strategic growth, and overall business strategy is exactly in line with the company's goal of becoming a dominant force in the sector. He is adamant that any organization's ability to succeed depends on its ability to engage its people resources and prioritise its customers. He has continuously strived to make sure that the needs of the customers and the employees come first. His credo, "Great Numbers with Excellent Quality," captures his dedication to attaining exceptional outcomes while upholding the highest calibre of operational and customer service.



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