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The UN International Day of Zero Waste was Observed by the International Society of Waste Management, Air and Water

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The International Society of Waste Management, Air and Water (ISWMAW) observed the UN International Day of Zero Waste on March 30 at the Garia Harimati Devi Uchcha Balika Vidyalaya, located on Gari Station Road. The future generation of global citizens is children. Children mould their attitudes and have an impact on their friends and family. Children need to be taught about the environment and the long-term effects of our current actions because this is the time in their lives when they are most open to messages and information. Society will be impacted by a chain reaction by this. To meet SDG 2030's goal of sustainable consumption and production, college and high school students must be exposed to efficient waste management, the circular economy, and resource efficiency. On Match 30, Garia Harimati Devi Uchcha Balika Vidyalaya installed a 3-bin Waste Management Facility in the school under the auspices of the ISWMAW. The school has set up a bin system at seven different locations so that 1500 students and 60 teachers and staff can embrace the bin culture. 400 students, instructors,

ISWMAW members, and others staged a rally to raise awareness of waste segregation and value recovery in the community at the beginning of the programme. Prof. Sadhan Kumar Ghosh, President of ISWMAW, officially opened the 3-bin Facility in front of 350 students and teachers, including Piyali Goswami, HM, GHDUBV, Partha Pratim Dey, Heam Master, Jadavpur Vidyapith, and Subhra Purkait, HM, Jadavpur High School. Students rehearsed the waste segregation technique that they will use for recycling daily starting at no. Attending the event with their students were teachers from Green Park School and Kamalapur Kamala Balika Vidyapith (HS). The school has arranged a display of student-made models about resource conservation and waste management. The Pan India mission "Catch Them Young - Campus Zero Waste Management & Circular Economy" has partnered with ISWMAW to introduce the Zero Waste movement to schools and colleges. To promote sustainable development, educational institutions are voluntarily raising awareness among the nation's future generation of citizens and their teachers, who will mentor and educate them to reach higher consciousness levels.

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