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With More than 120 Languages Available, QX Lab AI Introduced the First Hybrid Generative AI Multimodal Platform Ask QX PRO

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The innovative Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) startup QX Lab AI has announced the release of Ask QX PRO, an enhanced version of its Ask QX Generative AI platform. Building on the popularity of Ask QX, which concentrated on text-to-text functions, Ask QX PRO incorporates a greater range of functionalities and requirements while introducing multimodal features like text-to-image, text-to-text, document analysis, and text-to-code. Because QX Lab AI is built on a foundational model, it has its API and trains on its datasets. As a result, QX Lab AI joins OpenAI, Gemini, Anthropic, and Cohere as one of the six global foundational models. Ask QX has attracted over 15 million users since its launch earlier this year, of which 4 million regularly use the platform. The main goal of QX Lab AI has always been to develop a platform that informs users about the enormous potential of generative artificial intelligence (AI), focusing on the applications of this technology in both personal and professional contexts. Ask QX PRO has introduced two innovative technologies, the Advanced Multimodal Synthesis System (AMSS) and the Dynamic Integration and Synthesis Matrix (DISM), as part of its multimodal architecture designed for B2B industries. AMSS uses a cutting-edge transformer-based framework that was trained on 20 trillion tokens and has a sophisticated architecture comprising numerous small expert models. This framework allows for robust data integration and facilitates complex interactions between various data types, including text and images—perfect for intricate B2B applications. Over 120 languages are supported by Ask QX PRO's design. By serving users from every corner of this enormous market, this includes languages like English, Welsh, Scottish Gaelic, Irish (Gaelic), and Cornish, to democratise access to generative AI. All users will receive meaningful and meaningful outputs because of the platform's inferencing. The platform will be available to users without charge, and in the middle of June this year, the business plans to launch a premium model. The text-to-text feature of the previous model has been enhanced in the Ask QX PRO. Its image-to-text feature provides users with the best source of detailed textual information derived from images, and its text-to-image feature can also produce clear images from textual input. Prose-style descriptions can be converted into coded snippets using the platform's text-to-code feature, and users can edit the code base, add new codes, and even fix errors in existing code with real-time suggestions and corrections. Moreover, users can explore and search documents, look for crucial information, and extract information from them using the document analyzer feature. Thanks to these enhancements, Ask QX PRO is now reliable and of universal value for a variety of real-world applications.

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