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World Mithai & Namkeen Convention and Expo 2023

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Every year, the World Mithai & Namkeen Convention (WMNC) is hosted at different venues around the nation. The primary aim of this occasion is to bring together the whole Mithai and Namkeen food sector, offering a shared forum to tackle mutual issues and jointly address industry-wide issues. Moving forward with the agenda, it is important to note that although Bengali sweets are widely consumed throughout the nation, their local distribution is hampered by labour shortages, a lack of automation, and their short shelf life, which limits their ability to be exported across state lines. WMNC, a major event in the snack, namkeen, and mithai industries, is going to make a lasting impression. More than 300 exhibitors from both domestic and international venues will be present at this magnificent event, which is expected to draw over 30,000,828 attendees. Notably, for this three-day extravaganza, over 5,500 members from all over the nation will come together and unite under one roof, creating a new benchmark for the industry. The conversation will address misconceptions while examining the complexities of GST-related issues. For instance, Resgolla is subject to 5% GST without input credit when consumed at a mithai counter, but 5% GST applies when eating it at home. figuring out a commodity's right tax value, which calls for a lot of justification and streamlining to create fair and consistent taxation procedures. Leaders in the industry and interested parties will convene at WMNC 2023 to talk about innovations and trends around the world. With the backing of well-known companies and powerful individuals, the difference aims to promote dialogue, deal with fundamental issues, and open the door for solutions that will benefit the Mithai and namkeen industry as a whole. In addition to others from Kolkata and other places, the conference will be led by Virendra Jain, President FSNM, Firoz H. Naqvi, Director-FSNM & Organiser WMNC 2023, Dhiman Das, President of Mishti Udyog, Nilanjan Ghosh, Secretary of Mishti Udyog, and Pratik Chandra, Director of Mukhorochak. The goal of WMNC 2023 is to bring together the brightest minds in the business, including Das Pendawala, Almond House, Yellow Diamond, Haldiram's, Bikano, Cornitos, Balaji Wafers, Prabhuji, Chitale Bandhu, Adyar Anand Bhavan, Makesh Namkeen, and K.C. Das Private Ltd. The conference is well-positioned to foster dialogues about global innovations and trends, giving business executives a forum for cooperation and frontier exploration.

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