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Wynk Commemorates Raj Barman, an Independent Artist From Kolkata, Reaching 1.7 Billion Streams

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Wynk Music, the top music streaming app in India in terms of downloads and daily active users, has reached a record-breaking 1.7 billion streams for songs by independent Wynk Studio artists. Wynk Studio serves as a springboard for aspiring musicians looking to take their songs to a national audience. The fact that these songs have remarkably reached this milestone in just two years after the founding of Wynk Studio highlights Wynk's dedication to supporting up-and-coming artists and promoting independent music. Launched to recognize music talent in India, Wynk Studio is a first-of-its-kind artist growth platform that provides mentorship, distribution, and monetization opportunities for independent artists. This includes collaborations with music labels, scoring gigs for web series and OTT platforms, and live events. Wynk Music further promotes these artists by creating playlists featuring their songs, leveraging Wynk's large user base to increase artist reach and facilitate monetization through streams. This comprehensive approach has attracted over 2,000 independent artists to the platform, giving them a wider audience and solving discovery and monetization challenges. Amit Tripathi, Chief Marketing Officer - Bharti Airtel, stated that they started Wynk Studio to give up-and-coming musicians a way to make money off of their music while also providing their clients with a wide selection of music. The fact that these songs have received 1.7 million plays shows how much their fans love the content while they support the artist. Wynk Studio has grown so much in less than two years that, in addition to supporting linguistic diversity on Wynk, they are now signing artists from all over the nation. They pledge to keep expanding and allowing more musicians to launch successful music careers.


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