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ZEE5 Released the Teaser for Luv Ki Arrange Marriage, Promising Chaos, Humour, and Love

News Desk, News Nation 360 : ZEE5, the biggest domestic video streaming platform in India and a multilingual storyteller released the teaser for the eagerly awaited family comedy "Luv Ki Arrange Marriage." This star-studded film, which is directed by Ishrat Khan and produced by Bhanushali Studios Limited in collaboration with THINKINK Picturez Ltd., is set to transport viewers to a world of arranged marriages and unusual love stories in a delightfully chaotic way. Luv Ki Arrange Marriage is a comedic take on arranged marriages. Luv (Sunny Singh) and Ishika (Avneet Kaur) meet for a potential arranged marriage but clash initially. Despite their differences, they develop feelings for each other. However, things get complicated when Luv's widowed father (Annu Kapoor)

falls for Ishika's single mother (Supriya Pathak). Further chaos ensues when another man (Rajpal Yadav) throws his hat in the ring for Supriya's hand. Now, Luv and Ishika must navigate their blossoming romance while also supporting their parents' unexpected love stories, with the question lingering: will they find their own happily ever after, or will they prioritize their parents' happiness? The teaser offers a peek at the hilarious mayhem that ensues when a young couple gets sucked into their parents' unexpected love triangle. Sunny Singh, Avneet Kaur, Annu Kapoor, Supriya Pathak, and Rajpal Yadav star. Experience the hilarious, touching, and innovative take on the traditional idea of arranged marriages in Luv Ki Arrange Marriage, which premieres on ZEE5 on June 14.

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