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A Journey of Healing and Resilience, Medica Restores Hope to a Five-year-old

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Giridh, Jharkhand, a charming town tucked away in the hills, is the setting for a moving story about bravery and the enduring power of humanity. The 5-year-old Gitanjali Kumari's innocent smiles and giggles vanished in an instant, a tragic turn of events. As the neighbourhood was getting into the Christmas spirit on December 25, 2023, little Gitanjali had an accident while riding her bike with her parents. She suffered serious facial injuries after being thrown onto the road by a truck that crashed into the back of their bike. Her parents took her to the closest hospital in a hurry, where they started resuscitation procedures right away. She was quickly admitted under the supervision of Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Agarwal, Consultant, Department of Plastic Surgery, Medica Superspecialty Hospital, on December 26 after it was determined that she needed specialised care. Medica Superspecialty Hospital is the top private hospital chain in Eastern India. Little Gitanjali experienced a remarkable healing journey against all odds after undergoing complex surgery, a two-hour-long facial reconstruction procedure, and approximately five weeks of rehabilitation. Gitanjali's parents had a very uncertain future ahead of

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them. Her mother, Pammy Devi, stays at home while her father, Vikas Gupta, is employed as a hawker. The financial burden of carrying out the essential operations was too much for them to handle. They discovered more than just medical attention at Medica, where the administration of the hospital remained steadfast in their determination to support the courageous soul through the trial. Her facial tissues were avulsed from her face's bones by the accident's impact. Gitanjali suffered this trauma at the tender age of five years, specifically to the skin, eyelid, and nostrils on the right side of her face. Over the course of five weeks, Gitanjali underwent extensive facial reconstruction and rehabilitation, and she showed impressive post-operative recovery. Notably, her nasal structures have been successfully restored, which was a big concern for her parents. She can now open and close her eyes. Dr Agarwal and the medical team that included Dr Sunandan Basu, Senior Consultant, Brain and Spine Surgeon at Medica Institute of Neurological Diseases (MIND), and Dr Nicola Judith Flynn, MD, Head of Department, Paediatrics and Neonatology, Medica Superspecialty, performed the restorative surgeries. Dr Amiya Kumar Mishra, Senior Consultant and Head of the Department of Anaesthesia at Medica Superspecialty Hospital was also present at the press conference. Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Agarwal elaborated the situation and stated that Gitanjali had suffered severe injuries, especially to the right side of her face, when she was taken to the hospital. However, little Gitanjali's bravery in the face of hardship became our beacon of hope. Protecting her vision, which was impaired by the avulsion from the eye socket, was one of the most important parts of her treatment. It was critical to act quickly to save the eyes from prolonged exposure, which could have caused irreversible damage. Gitanjali's vision was preserved since prompt medical attention allowed her to maintain her ability to keep her eyes open. Gitanjali has been attending routine follow-up appointments since being released from the hospital last month in order to track her progress and address any concerns.

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