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Apollo Children's Hospital Introduced New Transcatheter Heart Surgery Technology

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Doctors of Apollo Children's Hospital's unwavering dedication to excellence in paediatric cardiology is evident. Their devoted team of paediatric cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, intensivists, nurses, and support personnel puts forth endless effort to deliver compassionate care that is customised to meet the individual needs of every child. Their success rates for complex transcatheter paediatric interventions—which are unmatched anywhere else in the world—are among their greatest accomplishments. Among the many procedures they perform are Fontan completion transcatheter way, transcatheter valve implantations with extensive experience in percutaneous pulmonary valve closure, closure of complex defects such as sinus venosus ASD, closure of large ASD and VSD in infants and adults, and emergency procedures such as BAS, RVOT, and ductal stenting. They have produced results that are competitive with global standards. Previously, the only option for performing paediatric heart surgery was open surgery, which was painful and left a permanent scar on the body. However, with the use of new technology, doctors can now perform the surgery using an angiographic approach, which is painless and allows for a speedy patient discharge after complete recovery. Despite being intended for paediatric procedures, this can also be used on adult patients. Apollo Children's Hospital is a leader in non-invasive cardiac diagnostics and paediatric cardiac surgery, in addition to its skill in interventional cardiology. With state-of-the-art cardiac intensive care units, they have the best surgeons to treat complex heart diseases in even the smallest of hearts. They also offer sophisticated cardiac CT, MRI, foetal, and 3D echocardiography to reliably and early diagnose cardiac disorders. Not to be overlooked, they also have a first-rate transplant programme at Apollo Chennai, complete with a committed ICU and a skilled transplant team that has accomplished remarkable work in paediatric heart and lung transplants. They also actively promote awareness of paediatric heart conditions through community outreach programmes running throughout India. Through providing families with information and tools, they hope to have a long-lasting effect on their community's general well-being.

Pic - Krishnendu Kundu


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