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Byepass Dhaba's Hiiraan is Creating Culinary Memories With Love and Heritage

News Desk, News Nation 360 : A culinary masterpiece located next to Byepass Dhaba, Hiiraans, is sure to take taste buds on an unforgettable journey. This haven was lovingly created by two visionary brothers, Abhik and Souvik Saha, who drew inspiration from their grandmother, Hiiraan Bala Saha. Even the dot on Hiiraans's 'i' sounds like her beloved bindi. Hiiraans is an experience rather than just a restaurant. Hiiraans, which occupies a spacious 1800 square feet and has an on-site bakery, provides a variety of mouthwatering treats to satiate appetite. Hiiraans has it all, including rich and flavorful Indian food, aromatic Bengali treats, exotic Oriental flavours, hearty Italian dishes, and even the regal Mughlai offerings. Inviting guests to an unforgettable culinary adventure, Abhik Saha stated that Hiiraans is more than just a restaurant with a cosy, homely atmosphere and a picturesque view of the bypass. Whether it's a birthday celebration, a cat party, or just a casual get-together, the restaurant's seating for up to 60 people guarantees a warm and personal atmosphere. Their commitment to affordability is unwavering. For just INR 1200 per person at their multicuisine restaurant and INR 100 per person at their bakery, Hiiraans offers a delicious three-course meal for two, making it a great option for those looking for both quality and affordability. They cordially invite everyone to Hiiraans for a unique culinary celebration. With personalised cakes, delicious puffs, divine cheesecakes, enticing doughnuts, chocolates, freshly baked bread, and delightful hampers, the bakery is a haven for anyone with a sweet tooth. Enjoy these delicacies with a steaming hot cup of coffee for a delightful taste experience.

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