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Chess Outreach Initiative launched by Mitra Charitable Trust

News Desk, News Nation 360 : To promote, expand, and develop chess, Sanjay Kumar Mitra, the head of the "Mitra Charitable Trust," will donate a total of 1150 chess boards and 230 chess clocks, as well as 50 chess boards, 10 chess pieces, and 23 districts in West Bengal. These sporting goods were presented to the leaders of several chess organisations in Kolkata and the surrounding four districts by Grandmaster and Arjuna Award-winning chess player Dibyendu Barua, Asiad gold-winning card player Pranab Vardhan, Vice President Rajendra Singh of the All Bengal Chess Association, and many other dignitaries. The 'Chess Outreach Initiative' was introduced in Kolkata. Mitra Charitable Trust and All Bengal Chess Organization stated that even though each district is given ten chess clocks, not all districts will have these clocks. Three or thirty to forty clocks will be kept at one location per four districts to make it easier to get so many clocks from one place during the competition.

Pic - Krishnendu Kundu



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