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Daria Pain Hospital is Organising the 8th International Conference on Recent Advances in Pain in Kolkata

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Chronic pain affects a substantial portion of the population, with estimates ranging from 22.5% in India to 40% in some regions. It manifests in various forms throughout the body, from aching joints and muscles to debilitating migraines. While medications offer temporary relief, Interventional Pain Management provides a more holistic approach, utilizing techniques that don't require invasive surgery. Contrary to popular belief, chronic pain is not always linked to life-threatening conditions; it often arises from age-related degeneration and lack of exercise. Even younger individuals can suffer from chronic pain, and Dr. Gautam Das emphasizes the combined importance of medication and surgical interventions in some cases. However, he advocates for Regeneration Therapy as a more sustainable solution. This approach will be discussed at the upcoming 8th International Conference on Recent Advances in Pain (ICRA Pain-2024) held in Kolkata, India. In addition to Dr Gautam Das, other attendees at the Press Club Kolkata press conference include Drs. Shuvomay Nanda, Niru Nepal, Bindu Chauhan, and B.S. Saba Ahmed. Regeneration Therapy, with its unwavering focus on healing the ailments of injured or degenerated muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints, is a

monument to the wonders of modern medicine. This medical marvel uses the power of the human body itself to treat scars from sports injuries or wear and tear caused by time. The life force that flows through the veins, and blood, can heal. They discover the hidden gems within the anatomy platelets infused with a special growth factor known as alpha granules by mastering the technique of extraction and separation. These lowly beings are the key to regeneration; they bring life to the deepest wounds in their being and release them from the stifling grip of pain. Steroid injections only provide a short-term fix; however, Regeneration Therapy reveals a longer-lasting solution—a comfort that endures over time. As medicine advances, Interventional Pain Management offers a range of non-invasive techniques beyond medication for chronic pain. These include Bone Marrow Stem Cell Therapy, Ozone Nucleolysis, PRP therapy, nerve blocks, and Radiofrequency Neurotomy. This holistic approach aims to transform suffering into resilience, offering hope for a future free from the limitations of pain. Through these advancements, everyone is moving towards a reality where pain no longer defines individuals, allowing them to reclaim lives and embrace a brighter future filled with renewed vitality.

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