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Dr Md Sahidul Arefin Explained how Cochlear Implants Break Through Sound Barriers

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Cochlear implants are a revolutionary technology that offers hope to people with severe hearing loss by directly stimulating the auditory nerve, bypassing damaged parts of the ear. This allows them to hear and develop speech, similar to how the deaf and mute protagonist in the movie "Iqbal" overcame his challenges. Dr. Md Sahidul Arefin, an audiologist, explains that cochlear implants consist of internal and external parts that work together to transmit sound signals to the brain. After a thorough evaluation to determine candidacy, an audiologist may recommend cochlear implant surgery, which involves placing an electrode array in the cochlea. Following surgery, intensive speech and language therapy is crucial to help patients make sense of the new sounds they hear. Despite some misconceptions about safety and cost, cochlear implants are a safe and highly effective option for those with profound hearing loss, thanks to collaboration between ENT specialists, audiologists, and other professionals. While expensive, the ability to hear and speak again makes cochlear implants an invaluable tool for improving quality of life. In conclusion, cochlear implants are a medical marvel that empowers people with hearing impairments to live fulfilling lives, proving that with proper intervention, anything is possible. Dr. Arefin also addressed the importance of early intervention, especially for children born with hearing loss. Early implantation and subsequent therapy can significantly improve a child's ability to develop spoken language and integrate seamlessly into mainstream education. This can have a profound impact on their overall development, social interaction, and future opportunities. He concluded by emphasizing the need for increased awareness about cochlear implants and advocating for wider accessibility to ensure that everyone with severe hearing loss can benefit from this life-changing technology.

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