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Extra Care should be Taken to Protect Health During The Monsoon

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The monsoon season brings with it not just a welcome relief from the heat but also a higher risk of eye infections and other health problems. Dr. Aditya Pradhan from Disha Eye Hospitals advises extra caution during this time to avoid conjunctivitis, corneal ulcers and allergic reactions. Conjunctivitis, a contagious infection of the eye's lining, can cause redness, watering, irritation and light sensitivity. Maintaining hygiene and avoiding touching the eyes are crucial for prevention. Corneal ulcers, which can be serious, are more frequent among contact lens wearers and people who garden or work outdoors. Symptoms include sudden pain, redness, watering and vision problems. Early ophthalmologist consultation is essential. Allergies triggered by dust, pollen or weather changes can also cause eye problems. Wearing sunglasses and avoiding contact lens use during allergy episodes is recommended. Additionally, Dr M S Purkait of Techno India Dama Hospital warns about the rise of gastrointestinal issues during monsoons due to contaminated food and water. Drinking boiled or filtered water, avoiding raw vegetables and street vendor fruits, maintaining hand hygiene, and eating home-cooked meals are all important preventive measures. Other monsoon health hazards include cholera, jaundice, typhoid and dysentery. Children should be especially careful to avoid contaminated water, wash hands and feet frequently, and not touch railings or animals in public places. Probiotics like yoghurt and buttermilk are beneficial for gut health during this season. In addition to these, maintaining good hygiene is paramount throughout the monsoon. This includes frequent handwashing, especially after using the bathroom, before eating, and after spending time outdoors. Washing fruits and vegetables thoroughly with clean water before consumption is also crucial. Additionally, wearing clean clothes and avoiding overcrowding in public spaces can further reduce the risk of infection. By following these preventive measures and seeking medical attention promptly for any concerning symptoms, people can stay healthy and enjoy the monsoon season.



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