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Food ATM Initiative Launched by Kolkata WeCare to Fight Hunger

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Kolkata WeCare has initiated the creative Food ATM project in a commendable attempt to alleviate food insecurity in the city. Through the distribution of excess food from various sources, this programme seeks to always feed the hungry. The participation of students from the area increases the initiative's impact. These youthful volunteers are in charge of the Food ATMs and will raise awareness of food waste by posting signs at different traffic signals. This teaches the public as well as giving the younger generation a sense of duty and community service. Launched on August 15, 2017, at CIT Road Sanjha Chulha, the Food ATM concept has been a huge success, feeding about fifty people a day. Now that the programme is spreading throughout the city, there are plans to put Food ATMs in five distinct zones. To maintain safety and security, there will be two Food ATMs in each zone, which will be positioned outside of nearby police stations. The partnership with the Kolkata Police fortifies the initiative even more, assuring legitimacy and promoting wider community involvement. The Food ATM initiative seeks to improve the lives of the impoverished by drastically reducing food waste and hunger in Kolkata through the collaborative efforts of multiple stakeholders.

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