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India's First Global Independent Motorsport Team INDE Racing is Introduced by Kankanala Sports Group

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Kankanala Sports Group (KSG) is thrilled to announce INDE Racing as a new team for the 2024 FIM e-Explorer season, following the announcement that KSG has signed an exclusive nine-year partnership with FIM e-Explorer to oversee racing in India. Season 2 will run from February to November, with INDE Racing competing in each round. Along the way, the team will tackle difficult courses in Japan, Norway, France, Switzerland, and India, where the season will end with a victorious return home. Aishwarya Pease, an Indian trailblazer and the first Asian female athlete to win a world championship in two-wheel motorsports is part of the team. Pease is prepared to compete for another world title and represent his country abroad. With this announcement, India will have its first-ever FIM-licensed team and will be participating in its first-ever officially sanctioned international competition. INDE Racing has partnered with the KTM34 Garage, situated in Europe's largest motor complex at the Motoparc in Mauguier, France, to help them master the challenging courses and boost their performance. Through this collaboration, the team's bikes are guaranteed to be expertly tuned for optimal performance. Despite the growing interest in motorsport in India, Abhishek Reddy Kankanala, the founder of Kankanala Sports Group and INDE Racing, stated that they have always missed a competitive independent team to support. Through INDE Racing, they hope to innovate, advance sustainability, and promote gender equality in addition to setting new standards for Indian motorsports off the track. However, the team is still searching for a male competitor from India to join to take India to the top.

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