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Leading the Way in Innovation and Excellence is the 2nd Eastern India Aortic Conclave

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The much-anticipated 2nd Eastern India Aortic Conclave was held at Narayana Health's RN Tagore Hospital in Mukundapur from May 24–26, 2024. Leading medical professionals and experts convened for this historic three-day conference to talk about and present the most recent developments in aortic surgery, technology, and interventions. For the more than 200 clinicians, researchers, and business executives who attended, it turned out to be a life-changing experience. The interactive workshop sessions, which gave participants first-hand experience with cutting-edge surgical techniques and procedures, were one of the event's standout features. These workshops, which were led by eminent international faculty, provided a forum for knowledge sharing, skill development, and group learning while encouraging an innovative and high-achieving culture. A group of extremely skilled medical professionals, including Senior Consultants in Cardiac Surgery Drs. Atanu Saha and Lalit Kapoor, Dr Pradeep Narayana, Chief Scientific Officer, and Senior Consultant, Cardiac Surgery-Adult; Dr Shuvro H Roy Choudhury, Director & Clinical Lead in Interventional Radiology; and Senior Consultant in Cardiac Surgery - Adult, Dr. Arup Kumar Ghosh, shared their perspectives and expertise at this historic occasion, highlighting innovative developments in aortic surgery and intervention. The conclave offered attendees a unique opportunity to acquire insights from the leading authorities in the field of Aorta-related surgeries and interventions, with a distinguished lineup of speakers and panellists from internationally recognised institutions. Apart from the workshops, the conclave featured state-of-the-art interventional technology that has the potential to transform the way aortic disease is diagnosed and treated. Insightful minimally invasive procedures and cutting-edge imaging modalities were just a few of the cutting-edge cardiovascular interventions that attendees got to see live. Dr. Atanu Saha, Senior Consultant in Cardiac Surgery & organising secretary of 2nd Eastern India Aortic Conclave 2024 stated that a significant turning point in the development of cardiovascular medicine was marked by the 2nd Eastern India Aortic Conclave. They want to accelerate advancements that will eventually lead to better outcomes for patients worldwide by bringing together elite talent and state-of-the-art technology.

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