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Lux Shyam Kolkata Tigers Won the Bengal Women's Pro T20 League 2024 in its Inaugural Edition

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The exciting Bengal Women's Pro T20 League 2024 has concluded with the Lux Shyam Kolkata Tigers as the champions! Their outstanding play throughout the competition led to a well-earned title victory. The Lux Shyam Kolkata Tigers, led by Mita Paul, proved to be formidable competitors in women's cricket by putting forth exceptional performances in the field and at the bat. Under the leadership of captain Abishek Porel, the Lux Shyam Kolkata Tigers Men's cricket team earned a spot in the semi-finals of the inaugural Bengal

Pro T20 League 2024. This impressive showing provides a strong platform for the team's future seasons of success. The Lux Shyam Kolkata Tigers defeated the Murshidabad Kueens by 5 runs in an exciting Final at Eden Gardens to win the Bengal Pro T20 League's first women's championship. Ipsita Mondal, who scored 37 runs off of 32 deliveries, was the major batting disappointment, as captain Mita Paul only managed 24 runs. Mamata Kisku removed Adrija in the first ball of the final over, with 13 runs needed. Priyanka was left with the task of getting Murshidabad over the finish line as five runs were expected in the next two balls. Nevertheless, Kisku maintained her composure and claimed the crucial wicket of Priyanka in the penultimate delivery, helping Kolkata win by five runs.  Saket Todi, an eminent industrialist of the State besides being an enthusiastic Cricket-lover, and Founder of Lux Cozi stated that the Lux Shyam Kolkata Tigers' victory in the first-ever Women's Bengal Pro T20 League 2024 has them ecstatic. Their entire team—from the players and coaches to the support staff—has worked incredibly hard to achieve this victory.

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