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Manipal Hospitals Launches Health Check-Up Camp and Celebrates World Environment Day with Electric Bus and Tram Operators

News Desk, News Nation 360 : In partnership with the West Bengal Transport Corporation (WBTC), Manipal Hospitals held a health check-up camp for tram and bus operators in observance of World Environment Day (2024). Over the next few weeks, these health camps will continue at various WBTC depots and workshops. The first-ever press conference on a tram in India was hosted by Anindya Mandal, Joint Managing Director of West Bengal Transport Corporation, who also turned on an air-conditioned tram from the Esplanade tram control room. The tram returned

to the Esplanade depot after travelling through north Kolkata. Anindya Mandal emphasised the need for health consciousness as about thirty tram operators had Wednesday's health parameters evaluated. Following the completion of each camp, Manipal Hospitals will provide WBTC with a comprehensive "State of Health" report that provides vital information regarding the health of the city's bus and tram drivers. Senior WBTC officials and eminent physicians from different Manipal Hospitals in Kolkata were present at the event in addition to Anindya Mandal. Among the medical professionals on the panel were Dr Asutosh Daga (oncologist), Dr Sumanta Chatterjee (cardiologist), and Dr Debraj Jash (pulmonologist).

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