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Ohri’s Group Revealed Tansen

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The grand opening of Tansen, a place where the splendour of the Mughal era blends with the magnificent culinary legacy of the North-Western Frontier, was announced by Hyderabad's Ohri's Group, which has five decades of culinary legacy and tantalises the taste buds of food connoisseurs. The renowned musician Tansen, whose outstanding compositions and inventive spirit have immortalised an era and permanently impacted Indian classical music, serves as the restaurant's inspiration. Like Tansen's music transcended time and space, the restaurant seeks to honour his legacy and bring his spirit of refinement and creativity by creating an enduring experience that skillfully combines tradition, ambience, and the best cuisine. Diners can savour a wide range of foods, such as the hearty Hyderabadi Marag (spicy mutton soup with hazelnut and rose essence) and the Sundried Tomato & Smoke Cheese Kulcha. The main course includes specialities like the historic Pathar-ka-Gosht, traditionally cooked on flat granite stones, and the Green Chicken Curry, renowned for its tantalising blend of chilli, coriander, and raw

mango. The appeal is increased by creative dishes like the Edamame & Green Peas Kebab, which combines Indian and Middle Eastern flavours, and the Pepper Fish, which is perfectly marinated with a peppery twist and served with a chutney made from applewood-smoked pineapple. Tansen restaurant, named after the legendary musician, aims to provide a dining experience that reflects his artistic brilliance. Inspired by his music and the Mughal era, the restaurant offers a serene ambience with flowing water, live Sufi music, and gold-coloured decor. The service is also designed to be graceful and charming, creating a poetic and unforgettable dining experience for the guests. Amar Ohri, Owner of Ohri’s Group, stated that Tansen restaurant combines the grandeur of the Mughal era with North-Western Frontier cuisine, inspired by musician Tansen. Their menu offers a unique fusion of historical recipes and modern culinary techniques, promising an exciting and flavorful dining experience that celebrates tradition and innovation.

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