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Professionals Guide Empowerment at Every Stage of Asthma Care This Asthma Awareness Month

News Desk, News Nation 360 : With rising mortality rates and falling quality of life due to asthma, public health crises highlight the need for effective asthma management. "Empowering Asthma Education," this year's World Asthma Day theme, highlights the significance of knowledge in enhancing asthma management and the effects of treatment on patients. The theme for this year highlights the importance of national-level mobilisation to address asthma, as India leads the world in both prevalence and disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) due to the disease. Additionally, India accounts for 42% of all asthma-related deaths worldwide. Cipla is committed to making sure patients receive the support they require throughout their asthma journey by emphasizing raising awareness and creating a supportive environment. With Berok Zindagi, Cipla has used a variety of artistic mediums to dispel myths regarding asthma and the stigma associated with it as a medical condition. With the help of entertaining comic books and in-person educational initiatives like the Tuffies Ki School Yatra, the Tuffies campaign has grown into a movement of inspiration for kids with respiratory conditions like asthma and the people who support them. A supportive environment that raises awareness of all facets of care and treatment is necessary for the effective management of asthma, which involves several factors. Every stage of the asthma journey matters, from diagnosis and treatment to counselling, testing, and how well the patient follows the doctor's instructions. Patients can establish a support network by participating in patient support initiatives like Cipla's Breathefree initiative and awareness campaigns like Berok Zindagi and Tuffies. Breathefree is a mixed-media device training platform powered by artificial intelligence. This network offers consolation to patients' families in addition to medical assistance. Emphasizing the importance of early intervention and education to ensure patient adherence to physician advice Dr Devpam Chatterjee, interventional pulmonologist and sleep medicine specialist, Kolkata stated that the goal of managing asthma is to achieve the best possible control over symptoms, avoid attacks, and minimise any negative effects on quality of life. Usually, a mix of palliative and maintenance therapy is used to accomplish this. As a cornerstone, inhalation therapy significantly raises life quality. Nebulized treatment does provide a useful option for patients, particularly in emergencies, who struggle with rapid inhalation, such as children or the elderly. Less than 9% of patients with a diagnosis utilising inhalation therapy follow their treatment plan, which raises concerns because many patients disregard it because of false beliefs about inhalers. Other problems like poor healthcare access, inadequate guidance, and improper training for using the devices exacerbate these difficulties.


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