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Rishika Sarkar Receives a full Scholarship from Merlin Group and the Yuvraj Singh Centre of Excellence

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Rishika Sarkar, a three-and-a-half-year-old cricket prodigy, has been awarded a Full Scholarship by the Yuvraj Singh Centre of Excellence (YSCE) and the Merlin Group at Merlin Rise to support her extraordinary talent. Yuvraj Singh, a legend in cricket and the official brand ambassador of the ICC T20 Men's World Cup, along with the real estate company Merlin Group, announced the scholarship during the World T20 in the United States. RJ Praveen, the content creator, and his group initially saw Rishika's potential when she was practising in New Town with her father. He made a plea to the community for Rishika's assistance, and Merlin Group intervened. In the New Town suburbs, Rishika Sarkar was born into a low-income family that shared a two-room shack. The family's income hardly covers two square meals a day. Little Rishika is already well-liked despite this because of her dedication to cricket and her perseverance in practising for over six hours every day. She receives guidance from her father, Rajeeb Sarkar, and during practice sessions, she makes square drives and covers drives with ease. Rishika's exceptional cricket talent was highlighted in a video by RJ Praveen, which garnered him support from the Merlin Group who offered her a full scholarship and education. Her dedication even caught the eye of cricket legend Yuvraj Singh, who will provide her training at the Yuvraj Singh Cricket Academy (YSCE). YSCE coaches will assess her skills through three-day-a-week training sessions and design a personalized program to address her strengths and weaknesses. This will include a nutritious diet provided by Merlin Rise and Club Pavilion. YSCE will also monitor her progress and provide her with playing opportunities. Additionally, the Merlin Group will find and fully fund her education at a nearby school. Saket Mohta, MD of Merlin Group, stated that they are ecstatic to assist Rishika Sarkar, the young prodigy, with her training. They also promise to take up the burden of paying for her education. There is currently a residential training facility for boys at Merlin Rise. Rishika can stay here as well, as they can accommodate her when their residential training programme for girls begins in a short while. Their goal at Merlin Rise is to nurture the athletic potential of young athletes.



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