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Ruby General Hospital has Started New Chapter after Completing Thirty Years of Devoted Healthcare Service

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Ruby General Hospital, a standalone NRI Hospital in Kolkata, is celebrating its 30th anniversary and is expanding its services to better serve the community. The hospital will be adding 200 beds by the end of 2024 and another 200 beds in 2025, making it the largest standalone NRI Hospital in Kolkata. Ruby Cancer Center, a unit of Ruby General Hospital, is introducing the Varian TrueBeam Linear Accelerator, Version 3.0, the first of its kind in Eastern India, to provide precise and effective cancer treatment. Ruby General Hospital Blood Centre has also been inaugurated with advanced equipment and technology to provide accessible safe blood and blood products. In an effort to give back to society, Ruby Cancer Centre has launched three cancer care vehicles to facilitate transportation of radiotherapy patients. The hospital is also offering a 10% discount on OPD treatment costs to those using Kolkata Metro Services to support eco-friendly transportation. Dr. Kamal K Dutta, Chairman and Managing Director, also highlighted the importance of preventive oncology for early cancer detection. The Chairman and Managing Director of Ruby General Hospital, Dr. Kamal K. Dutta, highlighted the

importance of preventive oncology and pushed for early detection of cancer using simple screening tests such as PSA, Pap smears, mammograms, low-dose CT scans of the chest, and colonoscopies. This demonstrates Ruby General Hospital's dedication to offering cutting-edge care while also placing a high value on preventative measures for the community's overall health. Apart from the aforementioned, Ruby General Hospital's commitment to social responsibility is evident in their various initiatives. In order to provide radiation patients with convenient transportation, they have introduced three cancer care vehicles, removing a logistical obstacle that many face. Furthermore, they actively encourage sustainable practices in the city by giving users of the environmentally friendly Kolkata Metro a discount. Ruby General Hospital's all-encompassing strategy places it at the forefront of Kolkata's healthcare scene, showcasing cutting-edge technology, first-rate care, and a dedication to both treatment and preventative measures—all while prioritising the community's overall health.

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