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SBI General Insurance and the Missing Link Trust Work Together to Support Improving West Bengal Livelihoods

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The leading general insurance provider in India, SBI General Insurance, is pleased to announce that it will be working with Missing Link Trust on a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project aimed at improving family livelihoods and generating jobs locally in the Kultali area of the West Bengal Sundarbans. As part of the CSR programme, SBI General Insurance will set up training facilities for female employees and assist in purchasing and setting up 25 cutting-edge sewing machines in addition to other necessary supplies. It will be the skill and training of women to sew and tailor bags and other items made of cloth. They will also have a connection to the market to sell bags profitably. The project's goal is to empower women by giving them the resources they need to turn sewing into a reliable source of income. The Sundarbans experience a notable decline in means of subsistence due to cyclones, economic hardship, and the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, which exacerbates the difficulties the locals face. As a result, SBI General Insurance and Missing Link Trust have joined forces to start a groundbreaking initiative aimed at empowering women in the area. Speaking about this partnership, Mr. Kishore Kumar Poludasu, MD & CEO, of SBI General Insurance stated that their goal in working with Missing Link Trust is to help women in the Sundarbans improve their economic status. By arming them with knowledge and tools, they hope to address the region's more general problems of poverty, exploitation, and gender-based violence in addition to opening up job opportunities. They do not doubt that this project will result in the Kultali region of the Sundarbans becoming financially independent as well as inclusively growing communities.

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