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Tata Steel Kolkata 25K 2023 Released the Comprehensive Schedule for the Race Day

News Desk, News Nation 360: 17,557 runners are expected to participate in the renowned TSK25K, one of the largest running festivals in India. The organisers of the Tata Steel Kolkata 25K 2023 announced the plans for Sunday, December 17, including on-course, in-stadium, and medical facilities for the participants' benefit. The event's promoters, Vivek Singh, Jt. MD, Procam International, and Kamal Kumar Maitra, Secretary WBAA, were in attendance, as well as Hugh Jones, Race Director; Yeilwad Shrikant Jagannathrao, IPS, DC-Traffic South Kolkata Police; Dr Sanjukta Dutta, Medical Director and Head of Emergency, Fortis and Debasish Kumar, MLA & MMIC-KMC. TSK25K, in the opinion of Debasish Kumar MLA and MMIC-KMC, is indeed a pride and joy for Kolkata. The fact that more than 17,500 runners are participating here is exciting. There's no doubt that this event will give the city more colour. He is excited for Sunday and hopes that it turns out to be a big success. According to Race Director Hugh Jones, this is now a well-liked sport outside of India as well. The easy course of this TSK25K event is drawing the attention of elite runners. The path remains unaltered, appealing, and offers an additional benefit. There is no doubt that this year's event will set a new course record. To ensure the safety of every runner, base camps will be established, according to Dr. Sanjukta Dutta, Medical Director and Head of Emergency at Fortis. At the location, ICU camps, medical facilities, and ambulances will be set up. In the event of an emergency, medical personnel will also accompany the runners. However, I would ask the runners to look after themselves and not exert too much pressure if they feel uncomfortable; medical personnel will be available to assist. IPS, DC-Yeilwad Shrikant Jagannathrao, according to Traffic South Kolkata Police, will handle everything expertly to guarantee the event runs smoothly. The traffic division is prepared to offer complete assistance. They attended meetings with the organisers and satisfied the stakeholders' needs. On Sunday, they hope to wrap up this event with great success.

Pic - Krishnendu Kundu



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