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The Circle of Hope Cardiac Support Group was Inaugurated by a Group of Patients at BM Birla Heart Hospital

News Desk, News Nation 360 : "Circle of Hope" is committed to giving heart patients all-encompassing support while creating a secure and supportive environment to enhance their well-being. According to BM Birla Heart Hospital, receiving medical care alone is not enough to complete the process of healing and preserving heart health. It calls for all-encompassing treatment, psychological support, and a community that recognises the particular difficulties cardiac patients face. Monthly workshops covering a variety of important subjects catered especially to the needs of heart patients will be provided by the support group. "Circle of Hope" strives to provide patients with the information and resources they need for a healthier and more satisfying life, from mental health and good nutrition to exercise and lifestyle modifications. The hospital hopes to create a community where patients can exchange stories, offer support, and encourage one another on their path to recovery and well-being by implementing this initiative. Every session will be a chance to grow, learn, and connect under the direction of specialists who are enthusiastic about heart health.


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