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The Institute of Neurosciences' state-of-the-art MRI Machine was Inaugurated by Former Chairman of CIL P M Prasad

News Desk, News Nation 360 : In the presence of Pramod Agrawal, the former Chairman of CIL, P.M. Prasad, Chairman of Coal India Limited, officially opened the Institute of Neurosciences (I-NK) in Kolkata with a state-of-the-art MRI machine. Since 2020–2021, Coal India Ltd. has donated nearly Rs 23.02 crores worth of equipment and various life-saving medical devices to the Institute of Neuroscience in Kolkata. It consists of an upgraded existing catheter lab, a digital x-ray unit, and a 64-slice CT scanner. Including the ongoing initiative to purchase medical equipment with gamma knives to improve operating and diagnostic facilities. A Maharatna company called Coal India Limited has offered Rs. 15.98 crores in funding to help with the purchase of an MRI machine, which will aid in the diagnosis and monitoring of a variety of medical conditions. The CSR from CIL has helped to make high-quality, reasonably priced specialised neurological treatment available to West Bengal's and the Northeast's underprivileged populations.

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