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The Nutrient-dense "Eat Fit Digestive" and "Eat Fit Atta Marie" Biscuits are the Latest Additions to Bisk Farm's "Eat Fit" Lineup

News Desk, News Nation 360 : With the introduction of two new products, "Eat Fit Digestive" and "Eat Fit Atta Marie," Bisk Farm, one of India's top biscuit and bakery brands from the SAJ Food house, has broadened its "Eat Fit" portfolio to serve better health-conscious urban consumers who value thoughtful and nourishing options. By prioritising natural ingredients, eliminating added sugar, and providing nutrient-dense options, Bisk Farm caters to the growing consumer demand for healthier options. They can help maintain digestive health and provide long-lasting energy by supplying fibre, vitamins, and minerals. Tasteful and crunchy, the new 'Eat Fit Atta Marie' biscuits are also made with whole-wheat flour (Atta). These biscuits provide a light treat perfect for tea time or quick snacks for modern consumers who value eating better daily foods. Unique to the 'Eat Fit Digestive' biscuit line is their high dietary fibre content, which comes from using only 100% Atta (whole-wheat flour) and no added sugar or trans fat. Customers can enjoy a satisfying and guilt-free treat with these biscuits.  Vijay Kumar Singh, Managing Director of Bisk Farm, commented on the launch and stated that at Bisk Farm, they're dedicated to giving their customers wholesome, nutrient-dense options that support their goals for wellness and good health. They hope to meet the growing demand for healthier snack options with the launch of "Eat Fit Digestive Biscuits" and "Eat Fit Atta Marie Biscuits," all the while maintaining the same outstanding taste and quality for which Bisk Farm is renowned.

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