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The Usha Nabarun Football Tournament was won by Rania Sahajatri Sangha in 2024

News Desk, News Nation 360 : In association with Nabarun Football Club, Usha International, the top consumer durables company in India, arranged the Usha Nabarun Football Tournament 2024, where 16 teams competed for the Trophy. Usha's commitment to reviving regional traditional sports is demonstrated by its national campaigns that encourage community involvement and active, healthy lifestyles. The organization's efforts in the sports sector include partnerships and broad support for a range of inclusive sports platforms and events. These projects include partnerships with organisations such as the Mumbai Indians team, Ultimate Flying Disc, golf, and cricket for people with disabilities, as well as visually impaired sports like judo, powerlifting, kabaddi, and athletics. The match concluded on a coin flip because the light was not good enough to continue the match between the National Youth Club and Rania Sahajatri Sangha, which took place at Bansdroni. The match was extremely competitive heading into a tie-breaker with three goals each. 

More than 15,000 football fans in attendance gave the game its due respect by applauding their outstanding performance. The Player of the Tournament title went to Basudeb Mandi of Rania Sahajatri Sangha, while the VIP Dhaba Club's Sri Bismark was named the highest scorer of the tournament.  Furthermore, Usha actively supports native Indian regional sports like Mallakhamb, Adimurai, Gatka, Thang-Ta, Saz-Loung, Satoliya (also known as Pithu), Kalari, Chhinj, Siat Khnam, and Thang-Ta. The first female football player to win the Arjuna Award, Shanti Mallick, was the chief guest and presented the trophy to the winning team, Rania Sahajatri Sangha, in front of Rajesh Tara, President HR, Usha International, and other honorary guests, Gopal Roy, Councillor - Ward Number 111, and Sandip Nandi, the former legendary football player. Commenting on the tournament, Rajesh Tara, Senior Vice President of Human Resources, at Usha International Limited, said that their affiliation with the Nabarun Football Tournament demonstrates their dedication to promoting an active and healthy lifestyle among youth in Kolkata and beyond. Playing sports teaches participants many important lessons that benefit them in life and is a great way to bring people together in communities. It was encouraging to watch the players' talent and enthusiasm in action, and the enthusiastic crowd certainly gave them hope that they were headed in the right direction.

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