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Tips for Looking After Skin in the Summer

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Before leaving, make sure to thoroughly check the bag for necessities so one can protect their skin from the intense heat. This is a short list of essentials one should have with them this summer:

Wet Wipes: Savlon Germ Protection wipes are a convenient solution for staying clean and fresh on-the-go during hot summer months. These wipes are effective at removing dirt, sweat, and bacteria (offering 99.99% germ protection) that can accumulate from traveling or being out and about. They're safe and gentle on skin, leaving one feeling refreshed with a clean scent.  Whether one needs to clean up a spill or wipe down their face after sweating, these versatile wipes are a handy way to maintain hygiene during the summer.

Handwash: According to Dr. Manoj Kumar, consistent handwashing is vital for maintaining good health and preventing the spread of germs. Washing hands regularly removes harmful bacteria and viruses, reducing the risk of illnesses like colds, flu, and stomach infections. This is especially important for protecting vulnerable populations like children, the elderly, and those with weakened immune systems who can easily contract illnesses from germs picked up on surfaces. Since children frequently touch things and then their faces, encouraging regular handwashing with germ protection soap is an essential step in keeping them healthy.

Sunscreen: Without a doubt, the sun's harmful rays have an effect on skin. It's imperative to develop the habit of wearing sunscreen with an SPF of 50 or higher to shield skin from UV rays if one wants to avoid sun damage and beat the heat. Thus, before going outside, slather face thoroughly with sunscreen after removing perspiration and debris. It is beneficial to use sunscreen with UVA and UBA protection.

Umbrellas: If one needs to frequently walk outside or take public transport, a sun umbrella can be a useful ally to get through the day. It will provide with some shade along the way, which will help one to tolerate the heat.

Adequate Water: This is one essential that no one can forget—it's a lifesaver in all seasons, even hot summers. Throughout the day, one will absolutely need a bottle of water to stay hydrated and quench their thirst.


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