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Tips for Safe Eye Care During Holi

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The festival of hues is rapidly approaching. As people are getting ready for Holi, it becomes more and more important to follow some preventive measures to enjoy the celebration safely. It is important to make sure that people refrain from endorsing the wildness that is frequently associated with the festivities, from choosing the appropriate eyewear to staying away from artificial, chemically loaded colours. Indeed, Holi is best enjoyed responsibly. The vibrant festival of Holi is a joyous occasion filled with colourful revelry. However, amidst the fun, it's crucial to prioritize eye safety. There are essential precautions to ensure eyes stay happy and healthy throughout the celebrations. The first line of defence is wearing good-quality protective eyewear. Holi involves coloured powders and liquids, some of which may contain harsh chemicals. Sunglasses act as a physical barrier, preventing these substances from directly contacting the eyes. Opt for well-fitting sunglasses that offer complete eye coverage. Consider sports sunglasses for their durability and snug fit. While sunglasses provide a shield, contact lenses pose a significant risk during Holi. Coloured water or powder can easily get trapped beneath the lens, causing irritation and discomfort. Removing lenses in such a situation necessitates touching eyes, potentially introducing germs and further aggravating the situation. Additionally, some coloured powders might contain microscopic particles that can lodge themselves under the lens, causing long-term damage if not removed properly. To avoid these complications, ditch the contact lenses and opt for regular glasses during Holi. Ajay Mishra, Certified Optometrist and VP of Sales, GKB Opticals stated that as one of the liveliest festivals observed in India, Holi necessitates the maintenance of certain precautionary measures to preserve the festive spirits. It is strongly advised to avoid smearing colours close to anyone's eyes because people easily get affected by all the colour smearing that occurs. When playing Holi, it's also highly advised to wear external eye protection like sunglasses. If an emergency arises, wash the eyes with clean water and see an eye care professional.

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