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Uro Onco Section of Urological Society of India Organised Global Uro Oncology Congress

Updated: Jan 13

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The Global Uro Oncology Congress, to be held at The Westin Hotel in Kolkata from November 23 to 25, 2023, includes a Cancer Awareness Programme. A pre-conference workshop for resident physicians, developing a national consensus on uro oncology, discussing and realising recent advancements in uro oncology, and much more are among the many features of the conference. Prominent figures in the field of urology from both domestic and international arenas will be present at the conference, making it a unique occasion that benefits both science and society. Dr Amit Ghose is the conference chairman, and the Urological Society of India's Uro Onco Section collaborated in the organisation of this meeting. He works at Apollo hospitals and is a stalwart in the field of uro oncology. Having over 35 years of experience, he has successfully treated over 10,000 patients. His planning of the Global Uro Oncology workshop has helped a lot of up-and-coming surgeons.

Speaking to the media, Dr Amit Ghose, Chairman Global Uro Oncology Congress said that the purpose of the Global Uro Oncology Congress is to disseminate current information about kidney, prostate, and bladder issues both domestically and globally. Furthermore, the goal of the entire endeavour is to benefit society. In order to empower people to take preventative measures against smoking, obesity, sedentary lifestyles, family histories, and other factors that contribute to cancer, they want to raise general public awareness of the risk factors associated with all types of cancer. Once the risk factors are known, we can also raise awareness of early diagnosis strategies in the general population that carries the risk factor, such as PSA testing after 50 and routine health examinations.

The leaders of the industry in uro oncology were honoured by the Global Congress on Uro Oncology. One of the recent revolutions is the Robotic Revolution, which has led to numerous technological advancements and made previously unthinkable procedures like cancer surgery possible. Dr. Mani Menon, who was born in India, is the leader of this robotic turnaround and is being recognised for his lifetime achievements with "The Tagore Medal." Additionally, Calcutta Medical College alumnus Professor Prokar Dasgupta of the United Kingdom has attained worldwide distinction in robotic surgery. In addition to being awarded the Padmashree, the British government recently bestowed upon him the title of "Order of the British Empire." The event celebrated with Joy this great Bengali achiever's life by awarding him “The Pride of Bengal Award”. Additionally, many living legends in Urology from all over the country were awarded the “Awards of Excellence” for their contribution to Urology and in particular Uro Oncology in India.

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