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Indo Bangla Entertainment YouTube Channel Begun their Journey

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The "Indo Bangla Entertainment" YouTube channel is founded to bridge Bangladeshi and West Bengal cultures. This channel's mission is to provide aspiring artists with opportunities. Enayet Hossain of Bangladesh, the chairman of this channel, hopes that the two Bengals' skilled and seasoned artists will have time to work on their creations. He believes that by working on this YouTube channel, new artists will be discovered. In addition, this channel will serve as a conduit for the two Bengali artists. "Agle Rakhibo" is Indo Bangla Entertainment's debut work. The crew was present at the Kolkata Press Club for the official release of the music video.

Through the magic of his voice, Kaustav Sharma has given music lovers a new kind of song with the words and tunes of Suman Chatterjee. This music video, which was directed by Goutam Moitra, features Rehan, Nitikana, and Arnav. The song is exciting and melancholic at the same time. "Mishti Thonther Haasi" is the next Valentine's Day attraction. Suman Chatterjee wrote and composed the song, which is sung by Suman Chatterjee and Devdyuti Roy. In this music video, Ankur and Arpita played the main roles. Director Goutam Maitra is optimistic about this new pairing's reception from the public. In addition, the dances of Gaffar, Dev, Sanchita, Jui, Reshma, Swastika, Moumita, and Baisakhi will captivate the audience. “MIshti Thonther Haasi' is a song with a unique kind of love and fun. Music director Suman Chatterjee hopes the audience will enjoy it.

Pic - Krishnendu Kundu



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