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Legrand India Opened its Nineteenth Experience Centre in Kolkata

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Legrand India, a global leader in electrical and digital building infrastructure, inaugurated its 19th state-of-the-art experience centre, Innoval, in Kolkata. This new facility showcases Legrand's entire product line, including its latest connected offerings. Innoval serves as a one-stop shop for experiencing Legrand's products, joining a network of Innoval centres already established worldwide in Dubai, France, Greece, Chile, Brazil, and Colombia. Following successful launches in other Indian cities, Innoval Kolkata marks a pioneering achievement for the Asia Pacific region. Designed with a focus on user experience, Innoval Kolkata features interactive product displays, a fully automated walkthrough, and clear educational materials to inform customer decisions. The name "Innoval" reflects Legrand's commitment to innovation, and the centre itself is designed to embody this principle. Products are organized based on their function within a building's electrical and data distribution system, catering to a diverse range of visitors with varying technical backgrounds. Tony Berland, CEO & Managing Director, Group Legrand India, stated that with the launch in Kolkata, they hope to connect with local clients and business associates. This is a fun way to introduce the brand and latest deals to these contemporary, new-age clients. Legrand can function as a true partner and go beyond simply a supplier thanks to Innoval, forging strong connections with the electrical and digital industries.

Pic - Krishnendu Kundu



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