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Sushuma Ruidas's Amazing Recoveries Were Made Possible by Desun Hospital Overcoming Financial Barriers to Comprehensive Cardiac Care

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Sushuma Ruidas, a resident of Sonarpur, battled chronic dyspnea and chest pain; in a remarkable story of resiliency and medical skill, Desun Hospital emerges as a ray of hope. Sushuma Ruidas initially put off seeking medical attention due to financial limitations, but thanks to Desun Hospital's dedication to offering cutting-edge cardiac care without sacrificing affordability, she was able to find new hope and healing. Sushuma Ruidas faced the anticipated difficulties during the recovery phase, considering the intricacy of the surgeries. However, Dr. S. Sarkar's committed team at Desun Hospital's Intensive Care Unit (ITU) overcame these obstacles, making a major contribution to her steady recuperation. Dr Soumya Guha said that Desun Hospital empowers patients like Sushuma Ruidas to receive the treatment they need, ensuring that financial barriers do not compromise their health and well-being. She acknowledged the profound impact that financial constraints have on people in need of critical medical care. Sushuma Ruidas had an amazing medical experience under the skilled supervision of Desun Hospital's Senior Cardiac Surgeon, Dr. Soumya Guha. She was initially diagnosed with coronary artery disease and mitral valve narrowing. After receiving medical attention, she underwent a comprehensive procedure that included coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) and mitral valve replacement, all done in one sitting. Desun Hospital's accomplishment in Sushuma Ruidas's case highlights the hospital's commitment to offering top-notch cardiac care and aggressively removing financial obstacles to ensure that people can obtain life-saving treatments without jeopardising their financial security.

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