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The New TV Ad for Dollar Bigboss has been Released

News Desk, News Nation 360 : One of the pioneers in the Indian hosiery market, Dollar Industries Limited, has come to stand for durability and reasonably priced fashion for its clientele. The company has established a new standard with their most recent marketing campaign, which aims to shed more light on Dollar Bigboss products. The Dollar Bigboss television campaign is a fresh interpretation of the brand, highlighting all the core principles. The plot revolves around a dapper urban man who is headed to a crucial meeting and isn't phased by the mayhem and confusion of the traffic. Wearer Akshay Kumar is suffering from a major delay as his car gets stuck in a traffic jam over a body of water. He is supposed to be at a crucial meeting. He sees people participating in water sports and gets the idea to forgo taking the road and instead ride a skateboard through the water. He approaches a young girl who is captivated by his aura and is more than willing to give her board. Dollar Industries Limited's Managing Director, Vinod Kumar Gupta, announced that the Bigboss line has been expanded to include men's casuals, gym attire and athleisure in addition to innerwear. Their brand has grown significantly throughout their ten-year relationship with superstar Akshay Kumar, who serves as their brand ambassador.

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