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Two New Global EV Concept Models Honda 0 Series were Revealed by Honda at CES 2024

News Desk, News Nation 360 : At CES 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada, the United States, Honda unveiled the "Honda 0 Series," a new electric vehicle line that will go on sale globally in 2026. The concept models, the Saloon and Space-Hub, made their global debuts at the event. Additionally, Honda unveiled the new H mark, which will only be used on their upcoming electric vehicle models. By 2050, Honda hopes to have achieved carbon neutrality across all of its products and business endeavours. To meet its goal of electrifying cars and getting the global ratio of EV and FCEV sales to 100% by 2040, the company is pursuing electrification. Honda's global brand slogan, "The Power of Dreams - How We Move You," has guided company operations.

The meaning behind this tagline is that Honda will provide mobility-related goods and services that let people "augment their abilities and possibilities" and "transcend various constraints such as time and place." With the help of these mobility goods and services, Honda will help more people fulfil their dreams and take the lead in advancing society. The Honda 0 Series is a new line of electric vehicles that represents Honda's significant transformation through its electrification policy and global brand slogan. The series name symbolises Honda's resolve to take on the task of creating new EV models by going back to the company's inception as an automaker and building entirely new EVs from 'zero'.

Honda hopes to further develop its "M/M concept" and the "joy of driving," which are important to the company when creating cars, as well as elevate the "joy and freedom of mobility" with this new EV series. By returning to Honda's roots, the company will establish a new centre of excellence for the upcoming generation of vehicles. These roots include the pursuit of the M/M concept, the joy of driving, and the freedom of mobility—all of which Honda has always valued and will continue to pursue. The Honda 0 Series' first model will go on sale in 2026, initially in North America and subsequently in Japan, Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and South America.

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