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World Champion Hurdler Colin Jackson Became the International Event Ambassador for TSK 25K

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Since his teenage years, when his extraordinary athletic ability was first noticed at Birchgrove Harriers, the Cardiff suburbia club closest to his home, Colin Jackson has been well-known. Since then, the former world record holder for the 110-meter hurdles in Wales has been breaking records with extraordinary skill. Despite having an abundance of natural talent, Jackson has always insisted that his parents' strong work ethic—first-generation Jamaican immigrants—was what set him apart for greatness. He won two World Championship titles in 1993 and 1999 in addition to a silver medal at the 1988 Seoul Olympics. In 1993, Jackson won his first gold medal at a world championship in Stuttgart, setting a record. Two gold medals from the Commonwealth Games (1990 & 1994), a World Indoor Hurdles Championship, and two European Indoor Championships round out his list of accomplishments in the hurdles. In addition to competing as a pure sprinter, Jackson won the 1994 European Indoor 60 m title and was a sporadic member of the British 4*100 team. Although Jackson won 12 straight European championships without losing, his greatest achievements are still his world records in the 110-meter hurdles (12.91 seconds), which lasted for over ten years, and the 60-meter hurdles (nearly 27 years). Jackson started coaching after he retired, and he has been a consistent contributor to the BBC's athletics commentary team ever since. In addition, he is a multi-book author. In addition, he has actively supported numerous charitable causes through athletics.

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