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International Dental Conference SPEAK 2024 was Organised by the Guru Nanak Institute of Dental Sciences and Research

News Desk, News Nation 360 : In collaboration with the Journal of Clinical Dentistry and Research (JCDR), the Guru Nanak Institute of Dental Sciences and Research (GNIDSR), a JIS Group Educational Initiative, hosted the International Conference "SPEAK 2024" (Scientific Platform for Exchange of Advanced Knowledge) in Kolkata. The JIS Group sponsored an international dental conference, SPEAK 2024, focused on dentofacial aesthetics, a growing field due to rising awareness and demand for treatment. The conference featured presentations by renowned speakers and aimed to improve research quality, knowledge sharing, clinical applications, and publications in dentistry. Doctors, bureaucrats, technocrats, and health officials attended, including dignitaries such as Prof. Dr. Dibyendu Mujumdar, President of the Dental Council of India. SPEAK 2024 provided a platform for dental professionals at all levels to share experiences and ideas on various dental topics. This was the first international conference ever organised by a West Bengali private dental facility. The meeting, which was scheduled for June 24–26, included several sessions designed to encourage the sharing of cutting-edge dental knowledge. Leading discussions on dentofacial aesthetics, the most recent research findings, and innovative dental techniques were facilitated by renowned national and international speakers. To support ongoing dental education and professional development, attendees took part in interactive workshops, faculty presentations, and panel discussions.

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