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ITC Engage's Amber Hues and Verona Fine Fragrances Bloom as Tara Sutaria and Kartik Aryan Indulge in Playful Romance

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Time constraints and daily monotony constrain a world where ITC Engage crafts a captivating moment of passion and romance. Tara Sutaria and Kartik Aryan, brand ambassadors, bring the essence of fragrance igniting passion to life in a delightful new film. The latest TVC, which was conceptualised by Ogilvy, transports you to a world of refined elegance interspersed with sensual and romantic moments brought on by Engage Eau De Parfums for him and her. Each scent in the ITC Engage Eau De Parfum collection is a masterful creation that is meant to go well with a variety of settings and emotions. Engage Amber Hues' seductive undertones and Engage Verona's zesty, radiant notes transport the wearer beyond the physical world into a world of grace, spontaneity, and passion. ITC Engage fragrances are created in partnership with skilled perfumers from International Fragrance Houses, with a dedication to the highest standards of quality and excellence. These fragrances, which are created in cutting-edge manufacturing facilities, strictly adhere to IFRA (International Fragrance Association) regulations and guarantee adherence to the most recent safety procedures. Commenting on the new TVC, ITC Engage Brand Ambassador Kartik Aaryan said that the real thrills of romance are moments, particularly unplanned ones. Emotionally stimulating scents can set off some of these most frenzied and passionate moments. He is so happy that Engage has created an exquisite fragrance line that can evoke a lovely and treasured memory of romance and that they believe in these small and genuine moments of love.

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