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Women Power was Embraced by Coal India Limited

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The theme of Coal India's International Women's Day celebration was "Inspire Inclusion." Numerous outdoor games and events were planned for the occasion. Workplaces run by CIL are conducive to helping women employees develop their needs and confidence. Maternity leave and special child care are available to women. Women are provided with resources such as crèches to assist them in reaching their professional objectives. The company is being strengthened and winning awards thanks to the power of women. The unstoppable force behind innovation, progress, and transformation in all facets of life is women's power. Coal Inia wants to ensure a better, more inclusive future for everyone by empowering, supporting, and elevating one another. Coal India promotes inclusivity and diversity. One of India's leading corporate employers of women, Coal India employs 20,000 (approximately) women. Gender equality for all is practised by the Maharatna company, which provides women with equal career opportunities. In addition to working in offices, women in coal-producing India are now employed in the country's mines and the medical and paramedical fields.

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