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A Reunion of Current and Former School Students is Planned at Don Bosco's War of the Bands

News Desk, News Nation 360 : War of the Bands is presented by Don Bosco School and is organised by Live Your Dreams, a creative platform that identifies musical talent. Rev. Father Bikash Mondal, Principal of Don Bosco Park Circus, as well as well-known figures in the music industry, Dr Palash Sen and Arko Pravo Mukherjee are actively involved in the event. An unparalleled experience, War of the Bands has been designed for both seasoned musicians and up-and-coming artists. Tickets are available online and offline for each attendee. The grand prize that will be awarded to the winning band is one of the event's exciting features. In addition to receiving financial compensation, the winners will have the amazing opportunity of having their very own debut single written and produced by none other than well-known Bollywood singer, songwriter, and music composer Arko Pravo Mukherjee. Arko, who is well-known for his hits that have brought so much joy to people, could have a profound impact on the winners of War of the Bands. The first and second runners-up receive intriguing prizes as well.

After a difficult selection process, the top 5 teams from DPS Ruby Park, Gems Academia, Newtown School, and Don Bosco Park Circus were named finalists. These teams will compete on January 14, 2024, for the top spots. In addition to providing entertainment, the event offers a fantastic chance for young aspirations to come true. With a unique musical platform, War of the Bands offers both current and former students a chance to express their creativity. Rev Father Bikash Mondal, Principal of Don Bosco Park Circus stated that this special event's main objective is to make a positive difference in the lives of young people who have a passion for music. Talent abounds in India as a nation. The event's primary goal is to raise the status of the impoverished, especially children. Undoubtedly, all children should have a bright future, even though some of them encounter difficulties from a young age.

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