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A Unique Arts Gallery Connecting Culture and the Arts Foundation has Arrived in Kolkata

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The Bridging Culture and Arts Foundation, a brand-new and unique art gallery, opened its doors in Kolkata. Bridging Culture and Arts Foundation (B-CAF) was established by Padma Bhushan Jogen Chowdhury, the Chief Guest, in conjunction with Nicolus Facino, Director, Alliance Française du Bengale, Debashis Sen, IAS (Rtd.), Former Managing Director, HIDCO, Mayank Jalan, Chairman & MD, Keventer Agro Limited, and Dr Suborno Bose, CEO, IIHM. The foundation is located in a serene area within Regent Estate. As a non-profit organisation, B-CAF is dedicated to advancing artistic expression and supporting experimentation and innovation in contemporary arts to preserve and restore cultural heritage, all the while enhancing public engagement with the arts. Despite the abundance of talented artists in the country, B-CAF seeks to address the problem of the lack of art initiatives. It was created by Reena Dewan, a visionary leader and curator in the arts, and is positioned as the new neighbourhood art gallery meant to provide a platform to independent artists regardless of their age, gender, or genre. In honour of the event, B-CAF held its first exhibition, ECOTONE, which featured Koustabh Chakrabarty's artwork. The first exhibition, ECOTONE, developed as if it were a beautiful ode to the peaceful fusion of various ecosystems. Shri Koustabh Chakrabarty's artwork embodies a profound connection to the land, the community, and the enduring rhythms of nature, capturing the essence of this ecotone beyond its mere representation as an ecosystem. The exhibition is open from 4 to 8 p.m. until April 30, 2024. Reena Dewan, Founder and director of Bridging Culture and Arts Foundation stated that the mission of the Bridging Culture and Arts Foundation (B-CAF) is to solve the dearth of venues for gifted Indian artists. Through their programmes and initiatives, they hope to serve as a central point for artists, the general public, and enthusiasts, encouraging artistic diversity and collaboration.

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