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Changing Health and Well-Being by Promoting Sleep Equity

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The pursuit of collective health and wellness necessitates sleep equity, which is evident in the rich diversity of India. Sleep is a vital component that is frequently disregarded in the rush of daily life, yet it affects all aspects of human life. However, long-standing differences stemming from socioeconomic variables, regional differences, and cultural norms sustain unequal access to restorative sleep across the country. The World Sleep Society and the Calcutta Sleep Society collaborated to host a special event in Kolkata to mark World Sleep Day in 2024. relating the conversation to the theme of "Sleep Equity for Global Health" this year. A recent Indian study by ICMR investigated sleep patterns in rural and urban communities. The research found clear differences. People in rural areas tended to sleep earlier and wake up earlier, aligning more with the natural light cycle. They also experienced less "social jetlag" from disrupted sleep schedules. Interestingly, despite getting potentially more sleep, rural populations had a higher rate of mental health issues compared to urban areas. This could be due to various unaddressed factors. Conversely, urban dwellers showed a higher prevalence of metabolic diseases, possibly linked to less physical activity and different dietary habits. The study highlights the complex relationship between sleep patterns, socioeconomics, and health outcomes in different environments. The event's goal was to launch a global call to action regarding awareness of sleep health. Dr. Sourav Das of Somnos Sleep Clinic & Medica Super Specialty Hospital, Regional Coordinator for World Sleep Day, World Sleep Society, and Secretary, Calcutta Sleep Society, and Dr. Uttam Agarwal, Sleep Apnea & ENT Surgeon, Orange Sleep Apnea Clinic & Belle Vue Clinic, along with President, Calcutta Sleep Society, preceded the event in Kolkata, repeating and discussing this message. The importance of addressing sleep equity is emphasised by Dr Sourav Das, a well-known sleep specialist in Kolkata and the secretary of the Calcutta Sleep Society. He stated that sleep deprivation isn't just a personal inconvenience; it's a systemic issue with far-reaching consequences for public health. Everyone must give equal access to restful sleep a top priority for every person in India. Leading sleep apnea surgeon Dr Uttam Agarwal, who also serves as President of the Calcutta Sleep Society, agrees, saying that sleep disorders like sleep apnea pose significant risks to health and well-being. Ensuring appropriate sleep is only one aspect of addressing sleep equity; another is protecting the communities' health.

Pic - Anustup Kundu


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