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Doctors who Specialise in Biochemistry are Once Again Calling for Distinct Recognition

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Organised by the Central Council of Biochemical and Medicine Youth Research in India, the Fifth All India Biochemical Medical Conference took place in Kolkata. It has long been the goal of some physicians from across the nation to have biochemical treatment recognised independently. The All India Biochemical Medical Conference was where biochemical doctors repeated their demands. Biochemistry is a Scientifically based therapeutic strategy that the world's developed nations acknowledge. Though it is not officially recognised by the central government, biochemical treatment is also practised in India. Thousands of physicians demonstrated in Kolkata a few days ago, calling for the independent acknowledgement of biochemical treatment. Through a virtual medium, the programme was inaugurated by former governor Shyamal Kumar Sen. The central government has not included biochemistry in a separate council, even though its discovery and treatment methods are different, according to doctors. To get biochemical treatment recognised separately, they will campaign. Dr. N.C. Bagchi, the organization's secretary, declared that the agitation will not end until the council receives official recognition.

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