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Federal Bank Introduced NCMC Wallet Debit Cards Backed by RuPay

News Desk, News Nation 360 : One of the first banks in the private sector to offer NCMC integrated Debit cards is Federal Bank. The RuPay Contactless Debit Card now has the National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) feature, which enables cardholders to quickly and easily make offline payments at metro stations, buses, and other NCMC-enabled terminals by simply tapping their card on the card reader. NCMC has many features, such as stored value payments (up to Rs. 2000 at the moment; subject to change based on RBI regulations) that streamline transportation between various modes by digitising payment. Chitrabhanu KG, SVP and Country Head- Retail Assets and cards- Federal Bank stated that they are excited to introduce a brand-new, ambitious project for owners of Federal Bank RuPay Debit Cards, enabling them to make offline payments at transit operators using their debit cards. The nation's urban transport networks are about to undergo a revolutionary change thanks to the NCMC. Millions of people's commutes are made easier with the NCMC's introduction of a unified travel strategy, which aims to increase efficiency and convenience. They believe that this action by Federal Bank and RuPay will empower consumers and provide them with the freedom to travel and make payments while on the go. Using mobile banking, online banking, or an IVR, the card holder must enable the "contactless feature" in order to activate the NCMC functionality and begin using the card for offline transactions. After enabling, proceed to the Metro station's customer service desk to start the activation and money load transaction. At the metro counter, cash or an existing savings account can be used to load money onto the card. Once money is loaded, the customer can simply tap their card to enter and exit the terminal, enjoying the convenience of travelling without having to buy a separate ticket. When the card is tapped, the amount available or debited will be shown on the metro terminal screen.

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