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Indian Cancer Society Celebrated World Cancer Day

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The largest non-governmental organisation (NGO) fighting cancer in the nation, Indian Cancer Society (ICS), has undertaken numerous projects over the course of its seven decades of existence. These have included raising awareness of cancer and promoting prevention, reducing risk factors, promoting routine screening and early detection, offering financial support for treatment, and managing life after treatment. It also publishes the Indian Journal of Cancer and offers data through cancer registry services. The goal of ICS is to provide accurate information and counselling about cancer to 50% of all adults within the next ten years, with the hope that early detection will lead to a cure. As part of the celebration of World Cancer Day, ICS announced the nationwide launch of "Rise Against Cancer," a groundbreaking multilingual mobile application that aims to empower people to fight cancer on an individual and community level. Millions of lives in India and around the world are affected by cancer, which is still a global health concern, according to Usha Thorat, National Managing Trustee, Indian Cancer Society. The ICS branch in Delhi took the initiative to use mobile usage to create a mobile application that offers comprehensive information and support to cancer patients and their families. Jyotsna Govil, Chairperson, ICS, Delhi Branch stated that the Rise against Cancer app was created by ICS in response to feedback from the community and current needs. The app's creators hope that it will empower those impacted by cancer to take charge of their health. The app is divided into many sections, such as news and updates, events, community and other support groups, events, resource libraries, and information hubs. Currently, it is offered in five languages for four different types of cancer. 

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